With thousands of life science professionals in the Chicagoland area, science is thriving in the region. From pharmaceutical executives and entrepreneurs to research scientists, science educators and health journalists, the community here is unlike any other. But how often does this rich community get the chance to come together over a drink and some live music?

Join CG Life as we host Chicago’s most relaxed, informal networking event for life science professionals. You won’t have to sit through any infomercial presentations, listening to people you don’t know drone on, trying to sell you stuff. And, you certainly won’t have to pay a hefty entry fee only to get the chance to talk to people you already know.

Instead, we skip to the fun part of networking events. Take in some delicious food, beer and wine, and enjoy live music in our hip West Loop lounge and bar while you connect with people from the pharmaceutical, medical technology, diagnostics, research, and journalism communities. Network and find new ways to collaborate and partner, learn about new services and technologies, find a new role, employee or friend, and generate new ideas for your business.

But, please…don’t take yourself too seriously.